Chia Seed – Ancient Superfood Rediscovered

Chia Seed (salvia hispanica) is the perfect Superfood – nature's richest and most sustainable source of Omega 3 fatty acids in a perfect compliment with Omega 6 (3:1 ratio), protein (contains all essential amino acids), fiber, antioxidants, calcium/magnesium, and iron. Chia composition is approximately 21% Omega 3, 7% Omega 6, 40% fiber (5% soluble and 35% insoluble), 21% complete protein and the remainder other healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Chia was once a staple of the great Aztec and Mayan cultures originating in Mexico and then spreading throughout the Americas. Tribal runners and warriors used it for strength, endurance, and rehydration in their long treks and battles.

Today we know this amazing and versatile Superfood is a valuable source of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) an Omega 3 fatty acid that supports heart health and fiber which helps support normal functioning of the digestive tract. Chia seeds are easily digestible and do not need to be ground to be eaten. Enjoy them on yogurt, cereal, smoothies, veggies, soups, and salads; or baked in breads, muffins, cookies and pancakes. Eating them whole or ground, raw or baked, they retain their nutritional goodness.

Suggested serving: Just 1 Tbsp. per day contains 2.4 grams (150% of Omega 3 Daily Value) ALA, 4 grams of Dietary Fiber (16% of Daily Value), excellent vegan/vegetarian source of protein (contains all essential amino acids),

Seeds soaked in water (1:9 ratio) form a gel that can be flavored or combined with other seeds and grains and enjoyed as a snack. Add seeds to your water bottle to help keep the body hydrated during exercise, like the ancient Mayan runner did.

Chia – A Total Health Product:

"    Highest Omega 3 content
"    High Fiber (both soluble and insoluble)
"    Complete Protein (contains all essential Amino Acids)
"    Superior Source of Antioxidants (more than Blueberries)
"    High Calcium/Magnesium Source
"    Gluten-Free
"    Has a very mild flavor and smell
"    Blends easily and fully into the everyday diet
"    Contains no cholesterol
"    Non GMO